5 adoptions of animals that will melt your heart

7 adoptions of animals that will melt your heart
7 adoptions of animals that will melt your heart

Prepare the handkerchiefs and hear the pretty alarms: these touching stories of animal friends will hit you at the “aww” place.

The dog who is a bodyguard

When an orphaned baby monkey was severely abused by other monkeys in a zoo in China, a good-hearted dog called Sai Hu came to his aid. Whenever the little monkey feels he is in danger, he jumps on Sai Hu’s back to protect himself. Sai Hu hunts all those who oppose the little monkey; it’s the best bodyguard a creature can ask for. Here’s what you need to know before adopting a rescue dog.

A purring squirrel

Jim Watkins and his wife Karen devote their lives to saving animals; they helped organize a shelter called T.A.I.L.S. (Take animals in loving shelters). About the time Emmy, a cat they were caring for, gave birth to kittens, they found a squirrel that had fallen from a tree and desperately needed care. According to Jim, when Karen “put the squirrel in the box with the kittens, [Emmy] immediately accepted it, adopted it, started to feed it, raised it like his.” little squirrel even began to purr like a kitten!

Rabbit love

It is very unusual for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, originally bred for the hunt for small animals, to become a guardian for orphaned rabbits, but that is exactly what happened in this case. Ellie the Cavalier King. Charles Spaniel’s maternal instinct erupted as she saw a nest filled with baby rabbits who had just lost their mothers; she cuddles, plays and sleeps with them, watching them as if they were hers.

Spotted friends

7 adoptions of animals that will melt your heart
7 adoptions of animals that will melt your heart

A spotted lamb who was abandoned by his own mother found solace and comfort in a loving maternal Dalmatian known as Zoe. The black and white coat of the young Dorper sheep is identical to that of the Dalmatian spots and the couple is indissociable since their first meeting. We can see Zoe licking her with love, rubbing her nose and taking care of her baby adopted sheep. John Bolton, a rancher who lives on the Australian farm that houses Zoe and the sheep, explains, “We do not know exactly how we should call it, whether it’s calling a” sheep-man “or a “Dal-Dorper! ‘These 19 pre and post dog adoption pictures will make your day.

Monkey around

Anne Young, an amateur wildlife photographer, traveled to Bali, Indonesia, to take photos of the people swaying from the Monkey Forest Park. She did not expect to see the amazing look of a great monkey carefully holding a tiny orange wandering kitten in her arms as she sailed through the lush shrubs. Other monkeys also surrounded the kitten, known as Baby Ginger, happily welcoming him into their primate family. Anne captured photos of the kitten, delighted to receive as much attention from her new unusual family.

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