5 Signs that make you know that your dog loves you


A lot of us have a close relationship with our dogs to the degree that we consider them members of our families, we tend to show our dogs that we really love them, not only by walking with them or playing with them but with buying special things that they love and appreciate such as toys and treats. But the real and important question that a lot of dog owners ask themselves, do our dogs love us? And if they are, how do they tell us that? All dog owners can feel if they are loved by their dogs or not, but it would be a great thing if they can know that for sure, and because we care about you and your dogs, we bring to you today a list of seven things that let you know that the feelings that you have toward your dogs are not one-sided and that your dogs love you as much as you do!

No.1: They love the activities of Playing and Roughhousing with You

Dogs are active creatures and despite that it may come in inappropriate times, sometimes our dogs get playful and begin trying to wrestle with us as that it is considered their playing nature and you can see that clear when your dog starts to play with another dog and start roughhousing, and you will realize that it is dealing with you in the same way it deals and plays with other dogs, so it is good to play with your dog the way it likes as that will help in strengthening the relationship between you and your dog in addition to giving both of you a new enjoyable game to play, but it is always favorable if you can teach your dog to do this in an appropriate and non-aggressive manner.

No.2: Love sleeping with you

Dogs are animals that live and sleep in packs and that helps them to be warm and feel safe and that is also a good way to let your dogs know that you love and care about them, so if your dogs feel comfortable and safe regarding sleeping with you, then this is considered a good indication that your dogs trust you and enjoy being with you even in their sleep and feel that you are their family, but don’t worry if a time came in which your dog doesn’t want to sleep with, because it might be attributed to being a little warm or for any other reason.

No.3: Tend to jump on you

Although that you might consider this behavior undesirable to some extent, but dogs tend to jump on people just because they love them and that typically happens when you come back home and you find your dog waiting behind the door and once it sees you, it begins to run and jump on you, the reason for that is the fact that your dog is happy and excited regarding your return, this also might happen when your dog wants to get your attention or wants to play with you. Of course you can teach your dogs a more desirable way to express their joy, but if your dogs jump on you, then that means that they actually love being with you.

No.4: Wag their tails

Despite that it is not always a sign of happiness, but dogs tend to wage their tails when they are close to who they love and this is considered as a mean of expressing affection and love of the people around them, this is typically clear when a dog wages its tail loosely and seems to be excited and comforted then you can say that your dog is happy and delighted because you are around.

No.5: Keep on following you

The reasons that dogs follow their owners are several, including the fact that your dogs see you as the provider for their food, caring and home, but don’t forget the fact that we have mentioned earlier that dogs are pack animals and they tend to follow the ones they love and consider them their families, so if your dogs love following you, then that means that they love you and love being with you and consider you

No.6: Love stealing your clothes

Despite the fact that it is annoying to try to chase and catch your dog, because it took your clothes, but don’t forget that the most powerful sense that dogs have is smell, and taking your clothes shows is an indication of adoration and love as it shows that they actually love your smell.

No.7: Tend to lean against you

Just like us, dogs may become anxious or fearful, and if your dog tends to get close to you and lean against you at such times, then this is considered an indication that your dog considers you a source of safety and comfort and you should try at these times to relieve your dog from the anxiety or calming it to overcome the fear they have and replace it with a sense of delight and safety.
Dogs are playful and lovely creatures and we tried to give you a glimpse of some actions that dogs tend to do when they are happy regarding being close to you and you should always try to express your love to your dog by playing or walking with them and doing the things that they love from time to time and in return you would find them always love sticking to you.

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