6 adorable images of baby animals that you will love instantly

6 adorable images of baby animals that you will love instantly
6 adorable images of baby animals that you will love instantly

We dare you not to smile while looking at these baby balls of fluff and feathers.

Cottontails, ten days

If you thought that rabbits could not become cute, this photo could prove you the opposite. Baby rabbits are also known as kits or kittens, which can be confusing if you are looking for “cute kittens” online. Anyway, you will get a photo that will make you say “Awww!”. These pretty pictures of baby animals and their moms will warm your heart.

Four-month-old red kangaroo

Can you believe this guy was the size of a cherry at birth? Joeys stay in their mothers’ pockets for up to six months before gradually launching into the outside world. After a full year, they are ready to jump to pose pretty pictures like this one. Did you know these facts about animals that you probably all wrong?

Giraffe, five weeks

There is nothing “small” in giraffe babies, also called calves. They are born about six feet tall, often weighing up to 200 pounds!

Two weeks old harbor seal

These whiskers, those big eyes – it’s a face that all mothers (and non-mothers) can love. The harbor seal pups form close ties with their mothers and emit a “maaaa” sound when they want their mothers. But it’s the animals that can really talk.

Pigeon, one to two weeks old

Pigeons are ubiquitous in large cities, but baby pigeons are not as easy to spot. This is because pigeons tend to build their nests very high in urban structures that mimic cliffs – places like roofs and cornices – and under bridges. They stay in the nest for six weeks and, as they emerge, they look like their parents. Talk about family resemblance! You should know these 10 interesting animal distinctions.

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