9 Things that we shouldn’t do with our dogs


We love our dogs just like we love our family, because we believe that they are part of it, but we forget the fact that dogs can’t understand us just as our human family does, sometimes we try to make a long conversation or try to tell them something using the signals of body language, that may have a different meaning for dogs, because after all, they are animals that have their own interpretation of signals, and that’s why we are going to give today a list of 9 common mistakes that we tend to do in front of our dogs.
Don’t worry if you found that you have done some of the items that you will see on our list, because most of us have done them and by knowing that these things are disliked by our dogs, we won’t do them anymore, what would make our dogs extra happy with us!

1. Become anxious when your dog acts as a dog!

It is a natural thing for dogs to bark, sniff, dig and chew things that are within their reach, and they normally don’t understand the value of things that they steal or chew, of course that doesn’t mean that your dog should have the freedom to do whatever it likes, but punishment is not the best action to take regarding these behaviors, but the best thing to do is to redirect and alter these behaviors patiently. You can purchase some toys that your dog would use to chew and you can teach your barking dog to use its inside voice.

2. Failure to establish a consistent set of rules and boundaries


As animals, dogs love to have a certain routine and they are comfortable when there is consistency in their life, so it is very important to but a certain set of boundaries and stick to them, because when you allow your dog to do a certain thing for a week, they believe that they will continue to do that certain behavior, and they will get nervous and anxious if you decided to prevent them from doing so, it is particularly important for dogs to be able to anticipate your reaction to their behaviors, because it will be stressful for the dog to fail to do that, so try to always stick to a certain set of rules and boundaries regarding your dog.

3. Believing that the main reason that your dog obeys you is that it want to see you happy

It is true that our dogs love to see us happy, but the fact they are animals still intact, and animals are naturally opportunistic, you might find some dogs that obey their owners just to make them happy, but most dogs obey their owners just because they expect a reward in return, so don’t become nervous if your dog refuses to obey your orders if you don’t reward it, and also try to make your rewards consistent in order to keep the behavior of your dog consistent as well

4. Using several verbal words to indicate a single behavior that your dog should do

It is normal for us to say different words to mean the same action, but this particular behavior can’t be used with dogs, you should always try to establish a certain set of words to indicate different commands, because using several words to indicate a single behavior will make your dog confused as it won’t know the command it should do, so try to come up with a certain set of words to identify different commands, and try to let your family aware of these words, so they can use them as well.

5. Telling your dog “it’s okay” when something bad is about to happen

As a natural human response we tend to comfort others by saying “it’s okay” in a calm soft tone, but trying to comfort our dog using this way is not effective and might lead to troubles, because as we have said, dogs take our words as commands and signs, and when we tell them “it’s okay” before the occurrence of a bad thing, then we would be training them to understand that a bad thing would happen when we say this phrase, so try to use a different way to comfort your dog.

6. Pointing your finger at your dog

Some of the most common things that make dogs nervous is the finger point, most of us tend to use the finger point when we are angry, so try to avoid doing this with your dog, because it will realize that you are angry with it and will make it nervous.

7. Restrain a dog to give him a hug as a sign of affection

We believe that hugging our dogs is one of the best ways to express our love to them, however this is not true for all dogs, as some dogs feel as if they are trapped when they are hugged, so the best thing to do is to discover whether your dog loves to be hugged or not, and if he doesn’t like that, then you should
look for another way to express your affection.

8. Having eye contact with a dog that you don’t know

There is a major difference between having eye contact with your beloved dog that you consider a part of your family, and another dog that you don’t know and it considers you a stranger, the second type will interpret your eye contact in a complete different way as it will consider it a sign of a challenge and will deal with it in an aggressive way.

9. Not doing enough exercise with your dog

All of us love to have mental and physical exercises and we get bored if we found that missing in our lives, and dogs are just like us, so don’t be lazy in taking a walk with your dog or playing with it, because your dog depends on you to stay in shape both physically and mentally, and your dog might start to destroy things if it is not satisfied with the amount of activities you do with it.

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