Bengal Cats – Characteristics of Character Care

Bengal Cats - Characteristics of Character Care

Get to know the Bengal Cat Race

Bengal cats are a type of cat that results from a cross between a domestic cat and a kuwuk / leopard cat. Bengal cats are also referred to as cat cats because these cats have beautiful feather patterns like those of leopards. This cat species became known in America before the 1960s. Bengal cats have almost the same characteristics as jungle cats with some of their fierce and aggressive traits.

However, in reality, this Bengali cat can also be very friendly with humans. This type of cat is also classified as an active cat, has a very high curiosity, likes to gather and also likes to play. This cat can also be an entertainer for its owners with adorable attractions from the Bengal cat’s super active behavior.

Karakeristik Bengal cat

One of the characteristics of this Bengal cat is that this cat has very high intelligence which makes this cat very easy to train and master new habits. Another feature of this cat is that they are able to do a number of things that most other cats cannot do, such as being able to turn the light switch on and off, open the door, and press the rinse button on the toilet.

Characteristics of Bengal Cats

Physically, this Bengal race cat has a long body and is also sturdy. The size is also quite large but not as big as the size of the largest domestic cat. The bones are also sturdy and sturdy, especially in male cats. The size of the head width of the cat is also smaller than the length of the head. The size to that is in accordance with the long body shape and long legs as well so as to support this cat to jump and run quickly and agile. The tail is also long and thick.

Bengal cats have a bavarian weight between male and female cats. The weight of a male Bengal cat ranges from 10 kg while a female Bengal cat ranges from 4 to 5 kg. as discussed earlier that Bengal cats have exotic feathers or colors such as tigers. This pattern in the color of using fur is dominated by brown and black. The color variant in cats is brown cinnamon with blackish-black spots on all parts of the Bengal cat. In addition, there is also a ring-shaped circle on the tail and a dark horizontal line along the back of the cat.

While on the neck it looks muscular with a large and wide nose size, colored red accompanied by black lines. The shape of his ears is also pointed and pointing upwards while his eyes look big. Some of these things that make cycling friendly with humans look savage not like the truth.

Care for Bengal cats

Bengal cats are also easy to maintain. Some of the things we can do are to maintain the cleanliness of a Bengal cat. We can routinely make it once a week with the aim of removing the hairs of dead cats or by bathing them so that the dead cat’s hair can disappear faster. Try to also brush your cat’s teeth once a week so that the cat is protected from several diseases.

Unlike cats in general, Bengal cats tend to prefer water. Yes, they like to play with water and often wet their bodies with water such as bathing or even bathing in the bathroom. So, about this cat cleaning business, there are not too many obstacles.

In addition, we also need to cut the nails for several weeks and keep the eyes and ears clean by regularly cleaning them by wiping the eyes with a wet cloth and using a cotton ball to clean the ears. To ensure his health, we can take him to the vet. For Bengal cat food, you don’t need to worry because this type of cat food is the same as other domestic cat food.

Thus some information about Bengal cats. Hopefully, by knowing the characteristics, character traits and how to care for Bengalis cats can give an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis exotic cat. Interested in maintaining it?


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