How to move and travel with your animals by car

How to move and travel with your animals by car

If you are planning a long distance move from one country to another and need to bring your cat or dog to your new home, then you will need to do some extra work to determine the best way to move them. Learn how to plan the comfort of your pet and ensure his arrival safely.

Decide on the best way to move them

If driving takes a long time, you may want to weigh the flying animals to their new destination rather than taking them on the road. If your pet is old or has special medical needs, you can take it with you. If you have multiple pets, flight restrictions may make it difficult to use them at the same time. Driving may be a better option.
Prepare the trip

If you move dogs rather than cats (or maybe both at once), you will find that dogs are much easier to move. Dogs are generally good in the car and are not afraid to travel in the backseat. It is also much easier to find accommodation for dogs than for cats.

Cats tend not to like traveling by car; driving can be quite stressful for them and for you. Discuss with your veterinarian how to make it comfortable. Keep them in racks for safety. Be sure to pack the car well so that you can carry everything you need, but also to make everyone comfortable.

Plan the route

Whether you have pets or not, it’s always a good idea to plan your itinerary carefully when driving a long distance. To reduce stress, plan your trip so that you do not drive too much in a day and allow plenty of time for breaks and refueling. This is especially true if you drive alone. Also give yourself more time on the road to deal with unforeseen events, such as loss or car problems, that can easily disrupt a busy schedule.

Book an accommodation

Once you have defined your itinerary and a good idea of ​​where you will spend your nights, it’s time to find accommodation. It is best to book rooms well before your trip. Pet friendly accommodations are available, but it can be difficult to find based on your destination.

Some popular chains such as Best Western have several pet-friendly locations, while La Quinta accepts pets, no matter where you stop. However, be warned: it is not because the hotel accepts pets that it will take all the pets. Call first before booking.

Pet supplies to take in the car

  •     The pet food
  •     Pet bowls (made of metal or plastic because the glass can break)
  •     spoons
  •     Dish soap
  •     Animal wipes
  •     Bottled water (if you are traveling in areas where water is not drinkable)
  •     treats
  •     Beds and blankets for pets (familiar smells help reduce stress)
  •     Toys
  •     Drugs for pets
  •     Delicious pet food (these are things your pet loves to eat but should not have often, just in case he stops eating during his trip)
  •     Medical records

Extra Dog Dogs

  •     Shit bags
  •     Leashes

Extra Stuff for cats

  •     Cat Carriers – a carrier for every cat
  •     Litter
  •     cat litter
  •     Litter shovel
  •     Many garbage bags (for used cat litter)
  •     Feliway spray (to spray inside porters and in the car to reduce stress)

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