That’s why your dog is afraid of vacuum cleaners

That's why your dog is afraid of vacuum cleaners
That's why your dog is afraid of vacuum cleaners

Have you ever wondered why your dog starts barking as soon as you turn on the vacuum? There are actually some specific reasons for this.

How many times have you tried to start the vacuum, just so your dog grunts, scold or even walks away from the machine? If this happens to you, do not worry, it’s actually an incredibly common behavior in dogs. Most dogs despise vacuum cleaners and for a few specific reasons.

They hate the noise

Has your dog ever been exposed to a suction sound while vacuuming? Probably not. PetMD states that dogs will feel phobia when exposed to noises they do not know. This is probably why your dogs like to run and bark in front of passing cars, or other unknown noises.

“Large” creatures “that make loud noises threaten the dog – even if he does not breathe,” said Dr. Diane Levitan, veterinarian, and Wag! Member of the Advisory Council. “The sudden appearance of loud noise and strong vibrations will frighten most dogs and frighten them. Their instinct is to escape before he eats them! He also moves in a “threatening” manner and is often listening to their beloved owner, whom they want to protect. They are smart to be afraid! Fortunately, they do not need to be. “

If the problem is related to noise, the best thing to do is to keep exposing them to noise. After a while, they will associate this noise with something non-threatening, so that they will no longer feel the need to excel.

It disturbs their smell

While the void comes and goes on your carpet and floors, some types of scents can be thrown into the air, to which the dog may not be particularly used. The vacuum cleaner can easily lift debris and dust, which can cause an uncomfortable feeling for the dog, thus making it defensive around the vacuum cleaner.

They hate the aspiration

While the root of this behavior is still under speculation, some experts believe that vacuum aspiration is similar to the dog’s behavior with regard to perfume. Generally, a dog uses his nose to learn about a new territory or another animal. Since the vacuum “sniffs” like a dog, it is an action that the dog would recognize. However, sucking is so violent compared to a simple dog sniffer, that the dog may find this intimidating.

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