This is the real reason why elephants start to jump so easily

This is the real reason why elephants start to jump so easily
This is the real reason why elephants start to jump so easily

Sometimes it’s not the size of the threat, but the sound. Here’s why some of the smaller creatures can blow up elephants.

Sometimes the nursery stories disappoint us. Did you know that cheese is not the favorite food of mice? (In fact, they prefer peanut butter.) And elephants are not particularly afraid of mice, despite what we have learned from cartoons. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus tested it themselves by holding the mice directly in front of the elephant’s face – absolutely no reaction. But even if the sight of a mouse does not scare an elephant, the sound of this mouse can blow them up. Here are more “facts” about animals that you all fake.

According to a study from the University of Cambridge, elephants have a relatively poor vision, which explains why they respond better to voice commands than to visual gestures. As the ears of an elephant are better than his eyes, what really surprises them is the sound of a mouse that rushes. According to Mental Floss, the reason for this surprising reaction could be the mistrust of aggressive guardian ants (which crawl into the trunk of an elephant) and swarms of bees (for obvious reasons). Discover 45 other fascinating facts about your favorite animals.

Now, elephant conservation efforts are using this information: researchers are testing various sounds to drive elephants out of farms and other populated areas where they might be at risk. One of the major breakthroughs was the discovery of a separate elephant warning call to warn the rest of the bee swarm tribe. Any conservation effort is good news, given the number of elephants left in the world.

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